New blog made with Sveltekit

March 08, 2022, by K-Sato



I work as a frontend-engineer and mostly use React at work. I was looking for a different frontend framework that dose not use Virtual DOM to have more diverse skills under my belt.

I was always curious about Svelte and heard actually a lot of good things about it from people around me.

So I tried it out.


There are already many posts about Svelte by other people and reading the official document should be enough to start making stuff with it.

The syntax was very straightforward and I liked it a lot.


According to the official document,

SvelteKit is a framework for building web applications of all sizes, with a beautiful development experience and flexible filesystem-based routing.


Sveltekit internally uses Vite as its build tool.

This surely provided the faster and leaner experince It promised. The HMR was absolutely instantaneous.


I also tried vercel to host this blog. Hosting the site was extremely simple and easy. Setting the custom domain also was easy. Probably the best hosting service I've used so far.

Other stuff

I made a package that converts markdown files into JSON for this.