Rediscovering love and passion for coding

March 16, 2022, by K-Sato



I've been having a lot of free time lately for reasons I won't disclose here, and I've been using that time to code. I feel like I've kinda rediscovered love and passion for coding.

Background info

I know it's not that long, but according to my GitHub profile I've been coding for the last 5 ~ 6 years and professionally for the last 4 years. To be honest, I consider myself very hard working and diligent, but I noticed that I didn't really code or study that much outside of my job for the last few months. There was an event that made me question why I'm working as a software engineer and if this occupation is actually a good fit for me, so I tried to remember why I chose this career path.



The conclusion I came to was that I like creating random stuff, but lately I've been so caught up with very complicated stuff like "algorithms", "performance", "best practices"....etc. Not saying I don't like the stuff, I do love making web sites faster or making my code cleaner...etc. I was simply so caught up with it and coding kinda became something I didn't necessarily enjoy.

During my free time, I just started creating random stuff for myself without thinking too much about the "complicated" stuff.

This blog is one of those things. It's not the fastest or best looking site in the world or anything, but it is something I personally like and something that represents myself. Most importantly, it is something I really enjoyed creating. While I was working on the things I've made lately, I wanted to use all my time working on those things, and I think that is true passion.

I am glad that I could remember the reason why I like what I do. I would like to keep coding and keep getting better. Hopefully I will never forget why I like coding and always continue to feel passionate about it.